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6507 Farm-To-Market Rd 307

Midland, TX 79706
7 9026 Sq Ft Price / Sq Ft: $9026
$1,309,000 Est $3,000 / Mo
  • Date Listed: 05/29/2014

Dollar General Corporation operates as the country' s largest small-box discount retailer with stores in the southern, southwestern, midwestern, and eastern United States. The stores are typically located in local neighborhoods and small communities deemed too small for big-box retailers. Dollar General offers both name-brand and generic merchandise including off-brand goods and closeouts of name-brand items. Although it has the word dollar in the name, Dollar General is not a dollar store. Many of its offerings are priced at more than one dollar.Dollar General is located along FM 307 (5,643 Cars / Day), an east-west thoroughfare spanning 17 miles, connecting central Midland with its outer suburbs. FM 307 intersects Interstate 20 (32,712 Cars / Day) just before entering central Midland. Interstate 20 is a major east-west interstate highway in the Southern United States that spans 1,535 miles. The subject property is located only 5 miles east of central Midland. Local retailers in the area include ALON, Brooks 307 Auto Sales, and JB Remodeling Commercial & Residential. Within a 5-mile radius of the site, the population grew 11.12% between 2010-2013 and is projected to grow 16.48% within the next 5 year period ending in 2018. Midland is located 4 hours west of Fort Worth, TX.

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