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About Property.com

At Property.com, we recognize that every home and homeowner is truly one-of-a-kind. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge Property Intelligence Platform that caters to each individual’s distinct needs.

Our platform harnesses the power of advanced AI technology seamlessly integrated with a vast database, revolutionizing every aspect of home ownership – from buying and selling to enhancing and maintaining your sanctuary.

What sets us apart is Revana, our intelligent digital assistant that provides tailored, real-time support specific to your home. This ensures you receive precise, personalized guidance for all your home-related needs.

Moreover, our comprehensive suite of tools and rich data empower contractors, real estate agents, and service providers to make well-informed decisions, elevating their offerings and services to new heights.

At Property.com, we’re dedicated to transforming the homeownership experience, one unique journey at a time.

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