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Assessing whether to buy or rent can pose a challenge for individuals seeking new housing. Nevertheless, the rules below can assist you in making a quick decision about the right time to buy or rent. Conversely, if you have an interest in acquiring rental properties, it’s advisable to apply real estate guidelines to gauge the potential profitability of your investment.

Consider factors like your financial stability, how long you plan to stay in one location, and whether you value the responsibilities and potential benefits of homeownership. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks, so carefully weigh your priorities and make a choice that suits you best. Remember that consulting with a financial advisor or real estate professional can provide valuable guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

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Price-to-rent Ratio: CALCULATE IT
Calc Rent: Price-to-rent ratio

Median Home Price / Median Annual Rent = Price to Rent Ratio


1 to 15: A Price-to-Rent Ratio of 1 to 15 suggests that buying is a favorable choice over renting.

16 to 20: A Price-to-Rent Ratio of 16 to 20 indicates that renting is usually the more sensible option,

21+: A Price-to-Rent Ratio of 21 or higher signifies that renting is significantly more advantageous than buying.

This is a very general rule of thumb and if you are interested in the results, you will want to explore a more thorough understanding of the rent vs. buy option using our Rent vs. Buy calculator.


The 5% rule is an estimate which includes the three typical home expenses: property taxes, maintenance costs, and the cost of capital. Then, you get a breakeven point for what you’d pay each month, helping you decide whether it’s better to buy or rent. If the cost of owning a home is less than renting, you may want to consider purchasing a home.

Calc Rent: 5% Rule for Renting

Property Value


The 1% Rule - Rental Property: CALCULATE IT

For instance, if you’re looking at an investment property that costs $155,000, you’ll want to find a loan with a monthly payment of $1,550 or less. Additionally, rental rates should be around the same rate to ensure profitability.

Calc Rent: 1% Rule for Renting Property

Property Valued At


Rule of 72 - Rental Investment: CALCULATE IT

This simple formula helps investors determine how long it will take for an investment to double in value based on the return rate. Simply divide 72 by the annual rate of return, then you’ll be left with an estimate of how many years it’ll take to double in value.

Calc Rent: Rule of 72

Annual Rate of Return


Years to Double


50 % Rule - Rental Investment: CALCULATE IT

The 50% rule is an effective method for assessing the potential profitability of your investment. In order to generate a profit, it is advisable to allocate 50% of your income towards covering property-related expenses. For instance, if your rental property yields a monthly income of $3,000, it is prudent to set aside $1,500 for these expenses. This cover various costs, such as property marketing, maintenance, inspections, and other necessary expenditures.

Calc Rent: The 50% Rule

Rental Earnings


The 10% Rule
  1. Avoid Exceeding a 10% Down Payment: While it may not suit every investor, some experienced individuals opt for a down payment equivalent to 10% of the investment’s price.
  2. Purchase at a Minimum of 10% Below Market Value: If you’re adhering to the 10% guideline, aim to steer clear of properties priced within 10% below their true market worth.
  3. Never Accept Mortgage Interest Rates Above 10%: Ultimately, if your mortgage interest rates surpass 10%, you could potentially be sacrificing potential profits. In the current U.S. market, average mortgage rates typically range between 5% to 7%.
In order to receive a helpful estimate, it’s important that you input accurate information. Results in no way indicate approval or financing of a mortgage loan. Contact a mortgage lender to understand your personalized financing options.

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